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    Lifetime experience with Serengeti balloon safari

    Not only walking safari is the best option for great safari experiences but also hot air balloon safari in Serengeti National Park is arguably the best way to take in, to experience the landscapes and wildlife of this beautiful national park. With other national park in Tanzania like Tarangire can also be experienced through balloon safaris.

     high above the ground,this make Serengeti as the best safari destinations in Tanzania, as you can experience a spectacular , experience eye view of the gorgeous landscapes and wildlife below.

    Usually a hot air balloon trip will begin early morning or just before sunrise. With approximation of 15-20m moving off the ground. At this height you’re able to have a glorious view of the sunrise as well as experiencing the fantastic game viewing for animals on the plains of the Serengeti landscapes

    The panoramic views that you are privy to from this height leave many speechless as they witness the great wildebeest migration and the spreading light extending to the opposite horizon. It’s a magnificent experience and will leave you with a warm glow for another safaris in Serengeti

    Take off from the plains of the Serengeti, gazing down into falcons’ homes or to ascend to more than 1000 ft over the ground getting an extraordinary point of view of this astonishing park. The flight, which goes on for around two hours, yet appears as though minutes resembles riding an enchantment cover – quiet and totally charming.


    Why Visiting Serengeti National Park

    The sound of pounding hooves on the plains of the Serengeti draws to a close. Suddenly, thousands of animals are trapped in a cloud of dust as a great wild bee migration-one of the most exciting natural dramas on earth.

    Given the theatrics, time seems to be still standing in this superlative park. The lions majestically pose on high outcrops, the giraffes gracefully stroll into the sunset, the crocodiles bask on the river banks.wildlife watching, Wildebeest great migration, is outstanding year round

    Follow the great Migration

    Going to Tanzania to see the Great Wildebeest Migration is an exciting experience that everyone will obviously be looking forward to. Being such a Natural Wonder and one of the most spectacular spectacles in the world, Great Wildebeest Migration is a long-awaited bucket-list experience that’s going on all year. Yet, do you know that there are certain areas in a few months where all this happens?

    January – March

    Throughout the rains, the wildebeest are widely distributed across the south and southwestern parts of the Serengeti and the western parts of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


    Almost all streams dry out rapidly when the rains end, prodding the wildebeest to focus on those few remaining green areas, and to form thousands of large herds that begin to migrate northwest in search of food.

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