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    You will be invited to visit into a Maasai hut where you’ll be introduced to the work of Maasai women, and life of the children. Following this visit, you will be met by herds of sheep and cattle returning home from grazing. Join with Maasai women and try your hand at milking the animals.

    Enjoy delicious meal prepared by your professional chef. Following dinner, you will sit around a bon fire under the stars while you learn about Maasai life and culture. This is a time for storytelling and sharing.

    Spear throwing lesson

    After a very early breakfast, and following the sunrise over Maasai land, you will have a spear throwing lesson with Maasai Warriors. Your guide will then take you on a nature walk and teach you the essentials of survival in the bush; you will be introduced to the sounds, sights and smells of the bush – each plant, bird, insect and footprint has a story to tell. You will feel a closeness to the land that no tourist in a vehicle will ever know or understand.

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    Download Tanzania Book
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